Sunday, July 25, 2010

new day

Officially, it's sunday since it's half past midnight. It was so warm today, I love it. Went to see the Banksy matinee (pretty good but I have to admit I expected a bigger payoff - but, as one of the guys who was Banksy's spokesperson said, ".......I'm not sure who the joke's on. I'm not even sure there is a joke.") Who knows, it could all be orchestrated. I shall remain a fan.

I must say I love this weather. It's still warm, all the windows are wide open, I am wearing no socks and dressed in appropriate summer attire. Something deep inside me eases when the weather is warm. I love hearing people outside; I love that the inside comes inside during the summer (even though the crows in the morning grate on my nerves, if I forget to stuff earplugs in halfway through the night). I feel damn near naked, after a very long wet and cool season with lots of layers and warding myself against the chill and the downpours (especially on my bike all winter).

Really trying to focus on how good it is right now, to store it up for the long winter months that are practically right around the corner. I love living here where there is plenty of fresh clean water, great local organic produce and long growing seasons, and bicycling as a means of pleasure and commuting is a breeze. I love that I can bike through town quickly and be on the river paths within minutes. I also long for more sunshine and access to a more diverse nightlife, you know? I need to do some problem solving; I don't think I'll be able to make it through many more winters without completely cracking.

But back to now. The fans are on, it's 83 degrees inside, the music is pouring out of iTunes like bacchinalian rites revisited, I napped earlier so I feel pretty alert, and I've done some painting and drawing and experimenting. Our drawing instructor last term emphasized that it's all about a presence and absence of light, and that it's also all a series of interlocking shapes. I practiced just laying down values straight into ink and after a few tries came up with this which tells me that yes, an old dog can learn new tricks:

I wanted to keep it loose and gestural, especially after doing a lot of careful and more studied painting and drawing over the last couple of days. There is something scary and thrilling about laying down those washes without planning it out. I like the energy in this one. I did it pretty quickly. Learning how to balance a certain distance from your subject and also be involved and focused on what you're doing (painting, drawing, etc) is an interesting exercise. Painting what you truly see? Tricky!! Does everyone walk around seeing things differently? Ohhh yeah. Love it!

Also walked around the blocks tonight at nightfall for some reference shots to paint from. Here's a smaller painting with ink and washes, with a bit of watercolor in the sky. It's so interesting to, interested in drawing more than just figures as I have been in the past. I walk or ride around more slowly (when time permits) and find myself observing all those......interlocking shapes and the presence of absence and light, and what is the gesture of things, you know?

Joan (my landlady) and Lisa (who comes once a week to do yardwork) dug up some small potatoes from some little place in the jungle that's the backyard this morning. I found four of them deposited on my stoop. So adorable. These look more egg-like, but hey....

Right, I need to think about winding down so I am not completely useless tomorrow, or sleep the day away. There is much sunshine to be soaking up!

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