Sunday, July 19, 2009

zum pics

Well hey folks, I'm cleaning house and posting a slew of pics from the last coupla months.

Leaving the Matthews Community garden late last month, some dramaticas et wunderbarr

Last sunday it rained, we were soaked! With the added bonus of lightening and thunder. Wicked! Our collective gardens looooooved it. I managed a nice long bike ride up the mountain and back before we were dumped on, too.

This morning, a hearty harvest from the container garden in back, chard chard chard. And I made applesauce with the early-fruiting tree too. Ummm....yum.

Latter part of June, nice and hot and perfect for ICE CREAM!

Here's from a few weeks ago, at World Cafe...Ariana with her daugher Meris, who is ubercute and in her mid-twos now. Half of Jacque's face is on the right. Ariana is working up to running a marathon (sheeyooo!) and Jacque is finishing up a year-long commission designing and building a concrete top desk. You can see photos of her progress and finished product, a la amazing, over here!.

You can't see Marsha, who's on my right....well hang on let me consult the archives...okay well I guess it's all about Meris, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention here that Marsha finished her school year, after an intensive, condensive eight-week summer session and has eight weeks of freedom! Then she'll be a senior at the UofO. Way to go Mar!

Couple of weeks ago, my friend and former co-worker Jackie from the library took me on my maiden voyage to Hideaway Bakery where they fire up their oven (made from local materials, like a big clay jobbie) once a day and bake the bread fresh (how else?). Sitting outside our view included this wonderful truck with a chocolately labbish dog in the back.

Some of the good in the offering at the Bakery......that is one big-ass loaf of bread! Delicioso food, smells, ambience, perfect.

You go! You go now!

There's the beauty of an oven on the right...

Mid-June, Ryan's birthday! Dang are you really nine now?? (he's since shaved his hair off)

Random window-reflection shot

At the coast over Memorial Day

20th Anniversary of Soromundi, all-women's choir of Eugene...okay, I think they officially decided to say 'lesbian' choir, but all women are welcome and not every one is a lesbian. Back in mid-May...the picture on the big screen features Jacque's eight-foot-tall sculpture, Jane. She's since been painted bronze and graces the entry way to their home. She used to stand inside Mother Kali's bookstore downtown on campus......bookstore closed a few years back :-(

And here's Mac, a solid, affable, male pit bull. He lives with some folks I do yard work for. I yuv him.

This place of business, located next to and just south-west of the library, is new since I've been gone.

The choice is clear, don't you agree?

Or, you could just throw me to the wolves when I check out, it's free.

I wish my brother Christopher was alive - for many reasons - but if he was, I'd send this to him because I know he'd appreciate it. After our mother died he sent me a picture of her in the casket. I thought it was in the poorest taste, I was SO offended! I wish I had that picture: now I think it's funny, in a morbid way. He'd tucked in a can of Coors, I making this up? did we just discuss it and not actually do it?...also a carton of those malted milk balls. Two of her favorite things.

Last night I was at a friend's house at dusk. We watched evening primroses bloom. It was so amazing. I love summertime.

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