Sunday, April 12, 2009

parting shots

Well howdy. I think my shit has finally hit the fan! Well, at least one more revolution's worth. When I traveled TO India, jetlag lasted only a couple of days. This time around, it is a doozy. With an added bonus of sinus infection, yet another existential crisis, culture shock (how come it's more now than when I landed in India??), and what else can I bitch about? I mean oh my everloving shiva, my emotions are pistons....freaking exhausting! :)

I have yet to transcribe my journal into blog floormat, two days' worth of travel. But for now, I'll give you a few shots from the the road as I traveled to the airport in Chennai in a taxi:

Wow that really does seem like a long time ago. Weird. It's all so twilight zoneish. No not even 'ish'. It IS.

I drew this guy inside 'everything bad is good for you', a kick-arsey book I was reading in the Chennai airport:

Today I have been lying around sniffling, eating, and talking with the folks in between set lists. My first number lasted through breakfast, 'cry me a river'; the second out on the back porch, 'there's a tear in my beer'; the third right before a nap in the midmorning hours, 'don't cry out loud...' What the hell am I doing.

I'm going to CouchSurf tomorrow! Heading into Tucson to check out the scene and scee what I can scee! Then, the plan is to hook up with Carol Ann, the proprietor of the now-closed Casbah Tea House, a kickin' little veg restaurant (I mean ex-restaurant) in Tucson. She says she could use some help sorting through all the stuff from the restaurant. A little work exchange arrangement, and a trailer with a sleeping bed in it out back for my accomodation. We'll see what happens! Tomorrow's CouchSurfing looks to be interesting, it always is. I'll let you know.

Some pics of the folk and the neighborhood from yesterday morning's walk, and I bid you all adieu, achoo!

Catching up...

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