Friday, April 10, 2009

hello from the Snorin' Desert

Greetings fellow sybarites, snack-a-holics and simulation-seekers! I give you salubrious salutations from Heritage Highlands, in the northwest corner of Tucson, where the bobcats saunter down the street and the cactus wren are active in their calling; where the quail and the hares eat from the same rock, where my Uncle Chuck spreads grain for them on a daily basis. Awwww so sweet.

Aren't quail just the sweetest?! I need to take a picture of one of those dear little critters. I love their curly-cues.

So. Yesterday's swim! The pool was so warm, and filled with very enthusiastic (and slightly proprietary) water-walkers, bobbers, floaters, floppy pink hats on suntanned octogenarians. I love it. I accepted a personal challenge (mine) to stay ahead of one guy in a baseball cap who jogged around the perimeter, doing very proper whoo-whoo-whoo out-breath and pumping his arms appropriately. I was doing the dog-paddle, and my version of the backstroke and the side crawl. In my nautical bathing suit (navy blue and white, with a white sailing cord type of shoulder and neck strap).

One of the things that just tickles me is that everyone is noodling around (on the planet, in a pool, down the supermarket aisle), doing their own thing/s. I mean, I've lived alone for so long, I rattled around the apartment with no other people around me (in my immediate/everyday environment) doing their normal people-stuff. I think I may have expressed to someone, or in a post, about how when I was staying at College Guest House in Auroville, I was happy to just chill out in the room not interacting, if I wasn't feeling social...because I could hear people outside talking, or gardening, or sweeping, and the birds, and the dogs play. (however, other people noises like blaring TVs, motorcycles, and screaming aren't on my like-list)

Then I bundled myself into the golf cart and wheeled myself home, to be greeted once again by!!! yay for family!

You all know how happy I am to be reunited with family. I just had a thought - maybe we're not 'real' family until we have a big-ass fight! okay! Hmmm...nahhhhhh.

Uncle Chuck likes naps:
hee hee! I love this one. He used his sweatshirt to cover his feetsies and leggies! He was tuckered out after our extra long walk/hike this morning (so am I, but I am mightily determined to power through this jetlag, and continue to stay awake during the day - I'm still up at five a.m. no matter what time I fall asleep though).

Uncle Chuck graciously let me play around on his Native American flute, which I played like an Irish piccolo at some points (gotta mix it up a bit, right?) (I hope the Navajo flute spirits employ a good sense of humor). Here is a picture of the flute:

From the inside!

I love being introduced by my aunt and uncle: "This is my niece, Tor"..."This is our niece, Tori". It's been so long since I've been linked to anyone in a familial fashion. I really love this.

From time to time I play a game, where I think of ways I identify myself:

I am a/an customer, employee (er, past tense), traveler, artist, jogger (ok that one is past tense as well), daughter (haven't thought of that one for a long time), friend, clotheshanger, typist,....that sort of thing. I am glad to add 'niece' to the list of active identifiers!

Our walk this morning was beautiful! The wind was balmy, the sky is huge and filled with sweepy clouds, and Marti is a great plant-identifier, having been raised in the southwest and owing to an interest in plantology and such. I'll provide a picture of her soon. Walking briskly is perfect, and just at my aerobic level right now, after spending weeks on my hind-end eating Indian sweets and sweating in the sun.

toodles for now, I'm off for a swimmy swim before my butt falls asleep


frogstar said...

big loves to you, girl.

V.K. said...

big loves right back, lady :) xxx

Just Julie said...

I love you Victoria
I wish it were me waiting for you to arrive at an airport.
I think about you every day.....
You are my sister and I love you.


V.K. said...

The same,
same again,
and again,
ditto four times, sis.