Thursday, March 19, 2009

tra la la


okay I just uploaded some pictures to the flickr photo album and my bum is tired of sitting in the chair, so I'll just load a couple of sketches here and say...what to say...well, it's hot here :)

And that I've been on this jag with drawing -- no head, off with it, don't think so much. You can go to my flickr page, click on the jigsaw thing at the left, for all the stuff I've sketched lately.

I bought a lovely little leather-bound book a couple weeks ago and a palette of super cheap watercolors and painted this inside. I'm sure that some people here would appreciate it, and some...would not :)

Putting all your heads in one basket is risky business, and yet, liberating!

Drop it!

Last night we ate dinner at Kodaikanal. Massive cooking by Yael and then me, and some folks joined us.

Ah, here's Yael now, she just dropped into the iCafe - I really like Yael. (hey you can see pictures of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on the wall, at the right...the pictures always kind of weird me out, to be honest, and may the Mother strike me down, but that's how it is and She Is Everywhere...her eyes are always upon you! ahhhhh......!!!)

So, Thomas (who is still probably sleeping in his hammock at the GH) has been chatting profusely about Kodaikanal. It's a hill station in the area (relatively's in the south anyways), and folks like to go there about this time of year when things start to really heat up. He talks a lot about it, apparently. The other day Sara said that she observed he talks a lot about it, but he's still here. So Thomas made a sign beside his hammock, Kodaikanal Resting Spot. And last night there were candles and a tablecloth with our dinner even.
This morning, folks headed over to Kodai for breakfast, and Thomas' frame was still filling the hammock.

I love how plainly people speak here. At the guest house, I have to add. It's great, and refreshing. A good number of folk are leaving soon though, I will truly miss them. It'll make room for more energy though, that's what I'm thinking towards - and also, I can join the stream of traveling too, any time.

Question I want to do that in India, or elsewhere? Hmmm........I'm willing to hang out another week and chill in the hot humidity and let my brain empty a bit more.

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