Tuesday, March 03, 2009

mug shots

As-hoped-for, some portraits of some friendly folk of the Dana Community Forest, Auroville.

Here's Masha. In the morning. Before school. Eating breakfast.

Here's Drupad. He's a mime. What's he trying not to say?

What a ham. Really he's a softie.

Masha lightens up a bit:

This is a pretty slow connection and the cafe is closing in five minutes, so no real time to add anything or say anything else for that matter. Except, well, I navigated some new roads today, learned a word in Tamil which I've now forgotten, and I earned Rs 1,000 for reading aloud in proper English a yoga book for a new German acquaintance friend dude.



Tam Hess said...

Funny post! Great pictures, I like the buildings in the previous post as well. Nice! xo T

ellipsisigh said...

Rs 1000 just for reading a few lines...did he record this in any way or did he just want to hear the words spoken?

remember the fruit crumbs,