Tuesday, March 10, 2009

in and around the place

Good morning! It's sunny today...after drenching downpours nearly all night, and lightening splitting the darkness open and cracking booming thunder. It was quite a show! A nice reprieve from the intense heat. And now, I will hopefully be able to dry out all my clothes. I went outside riding around a couple times yesterday without a raincoat or an umbrella.

Soon I'm going to read The Synthesis of Yoga aloud on tape for that german fellow, Cosmo (yes, he named himself thusly) (does that say anything to you??). It's pretty intense, actually....Sri Aurobindo (author of said book) writes very circuitous, pithy and paragraph-sized sentences and I do not exaggerate. It borders on the ridiculous. Definitely mood-and-mind altering. But some of the stuff he says makes sense to my poor mortal mind, and I like to think it's edifying on several levels whether I consciously realize it or not.

One more white man telling it how it is.

In the meantime, I'm investigating opportunities in Bali and also with a chap who is sailing from Seattle in June, onwards to Alaska, then dropping down to the Galapagos and further on into the South Pacific. God that sounds like a trip. And fun too.

Here are a few piccies:

These are all over the place. They sure talk a lot too!

This is the only water tower I've seen, and it's situated just down the way from where I'm staying. Impressive. Why do they pump water up into a tower? Maybe Sri Aurobindo knows.

A walk down the lane towards the guest house I'm staying in.

And some bugs, who walk around like this, one larger and one smaller, attached at the butt. Hmmmmmm....!

A puja I made, with the flowers the girls gave me for my birthday...floating them in water, with a clay heart I found among some rubble in an old abandoned roofless clay studio, and some seashells I fished from the Bay of Bengal.

And here's a shot of the mosaic I made, embedded in the windowsill of the cob building at Buddha Smiles School outside of Vellore. I uploaded some pics to flickr today too.


original trish said...

Wow, I'm glad to read that you are feeling better in spirit! Yes, Bali or at least onward. My thoughts are always with you and know how to reach me if needed. I am sure all your friends miss you and we know you had to experience this. I know I couldn't endure it.
Thanks for the pics they are all awesome. That being said I darn grateful for flush toilets. LOL, mstrishadams

V.K. said...

Hi Trish, it's so good to hear from you. Really glad you're still speaking to me despite my prolonged absence in emails and stuff. I sure appreciate you being on the planet! Take care girl - xoxoxo V