Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vellore in retrospect

Hey everyone!

I'm in Pondicherry (officially, Puducherry, and to all us locals which is now you too it's Pondy). Pretty hungry at the mo, and heading for a nice meal at the ashram (Rs 20 for an all-day three-meal pass! can you believe that?? Currently it's about Rs 50 for an American dollar). But I am finally able to upload some pics, so here you go, and hopefully later I'll be back to give you some insider's views about lovely Pondy. I am feeling much more chilled-out today than when I first arrived here. And I think my blood cells are mostly replenished, because I was majorly chomped on by mosquitos the first two nights here. I finally sourced a mosquito net and some string, and now my bed is not littered with dead mosquito bodies and smears of blood upon my waking.

And for the pics:

here's a rice paddie near the Buddha Smiles school, where we all were

school kids! after a clay animal making workshop

he's the man. the guy who owns the bakery in the village. jolly!

a beautiful rangoli....

I like this.


Tam Hess said...

Beautiful pictures! I really like the colors in the rangoli and that last pic...I like it too.


V.K. said...

hey girl! thanks - it's definitely intense here, and beautiful, and everything in between :)

grinning mouths said...

Fuckin' VIC.

And all this time I thought you were naval-gazing, silly me. :]

V.K. said...

hey! you! nice to see your grinning gob :)

...well...still navel-gazing, just the external geography has changed a bit.