Sunday, December 28, 2008

take off, hoser

You know how they say you're never prepared to be a parent, and there is no manual? Or how about the ol' adage for artists....the painting is never finished (weaker metaphor, but it works I think).

Well I found a Lonely Planet Guide to India, but otherwise, I will never be prepared enough for the mind-bender I anticipate the next leg of my life to be.

I found a five-week permaculture and natural building course in Vellore (south India, in Tamil Nadu state), begins January 9. Emailed the folks there inquiring about room, and they gave me a collective enthusiastic thumbs up. Wow! Just about the same time, I found, quite serendipitously, a pretty sweet deal on a one-way ticket to Chennai (formerly Madras...don't I sound world-traveled already?). So I uh....I bought a ticket and I'm leaving the day after tomorrow.

Let's see....I think I'll jump for joy and then go throw up, I'm so excited and nervous.

I'm packing light, lighter than ever - one small backpacking backpack and a very small daypack. Gimme a high five!!!!

I have a one-hour layover in Frankfurt. Now doesn't that rock?

And so for now I bid you a salubrious adieu and pledge to keep you as up to date as my schedule and internet access allows!



ellipsisigh said...

my stomach lurches with you...I don't think that's like "may the force be with you"....but the best of luck to you anyways...

V.K. said...

ha ha!....nice! thanks :)