Wednesday, November 05, 2008

rubber rain dance*

Yes folks, we've done it now! Yes we can and yes we did! Creating a more perfect union, with a newly elected black president at our helm. Freak OUT!!!!! Create custom animated gifs at!

(I'll leave the plug for gifninja intact, they are providing a valuable service to all us good and privileged folks don'tcha know)

I feel stirrings of non-embarassment, at being American-born. I've never been moved by presidential campaigns and photos of their families, and I admit to being pretty much head-down and go about my own business during the recent election fracas, but I did see a photo of Obama's family on a postcard sent to Marsha, and I did watch the our new president's acceptance speech on TV last night, and I like that they do make a pretty picture all together. It's the Togetherness that moves me and I think he's the most sincere politician I've ever seen.

I wonder what will happen next. I wish for a fabulous sort of bifurcation, on a micro if not macro scale. The more I talk with people who are active in community, permaculture, and sustainability, the more I feel a sense of hope and excitement. It's not enough for me, I'm realizing, to just not watch the news. I need to be talking with people who are choosing sustainable methods of living in their lives and communities, because there really is positive change afoot. You don't hear about that on the news. It's good to see and experience it on the ol' grassroots level.

You know what I like about being back in Eugene and Oregon? The water tastes good here. It smells, tastes, and feels good here. Also, they sell kick-ass rain gear. See above: it's my new sunny rain rubber! I traded in my old REI Elements jacket for something...efficacious. This baby is solid. And I can fit five layers underneath for maximum warmth (see above). One of these layers includes a top-notch Columbia Sportswear lined reversable jacket that I found on the side of the road. Under that layer is a knit black hoodie that I found at CalPolyTech on campus, nobody claimed. I'm gonna Freegan my way around the world, just you watch.

okay more later, children are arriving and that means cacophony!

*also happy election dance, also happy four days of no smoking for Jay dance


ellipsisigh said...

I just added your blog to my Google Reader feed, so I won't miss your next posting...Happy Traveling!

V.K. said...

awwwwww....thanks! that is ver ver cool of you :)