Friday, October 31, 2008

and then

yes! well! I am actually now back in Eugene, after a seven-or-so week absentia!

I was on the central coast of California in SLO with a lot of sunshine and a very lot of good folk. It's definitely a curiosity to me that I'm happy to be back in Eugene, but I think some of that is owed to the fact that I soaked in so many hours of sunshine while in San Luis....the rain and blazing lemony crimsoney ochrey colors of leaves and fresh clean scents on the wind here are so FREAKING WUNNERFUL!!!

I WWOOF'ed at a meditation retreat center and attained non-enlightenment, yay me!

I'll now write another paragraph, or maybe just a sentence, and I'll complement the others with a few more exclamation points! !! see what a little vitamin D will do for you!

So yeah...the meditation retreat was fun and they're expecting me back tout de suite. I said I'd be right back and I meant it when I said it. I even left my bike (GASP) and my panniers (GASP), even some personals and clothes, as well as burgeoning container garden behind. On my way out the door to catch a craigslist rideshare with the inimitable Alex who has now moved from Santa Barbara to Seattle (yes, it was for a girl and yes, it was for a job....why the hell else would one move from sun to very-much-not-sun??), I doubled back to the yurt and grabbed my passport and all my feminine products. These things one should not be without, if one is planning on traveling, and who knows? Maybe I really will just jaunt over to Bali on my way back to sunny Cali.

I don't really resonate in a hummy hum hum sort of way with San Luis Obispo. I was there long enough to know that it's not just that disorientation no-hum that comes from uprooting one's self from a thirteen year life in Eugene, or shoehorning one's self out of a long working career, or deconstructing one's life in certain ginormous ways to start doing something completely different.


I do prefer the weird charm of Eugene to San Luis Obispo!

HOWEVER, I think I shall find another sort of charm in another sort of place, though I know not where that is yet. What's nice now is that I don't feel so sketched out and dog-chasing-tail-ish. I feel more oroboros (misspelling most likely). Which is good, believe me.

That's all for now; I've uploaded pictures in draft form but will post later, when I've more time and oomph to tell you all about what's going on in the pictures.

Tomorrow is the last day at work and tomorrow night is some brazilian funk rock at Cozmic; sunday is a Greg Palast documentary and sunday night is a lecture/booktalk/pep rally for sustainability and permaculture, from a guy whose book I just happened to pick up while visiting an intentional community in Templeton (California...just up the road from SLO). Wowzers, eh? Welcome home, me!


MzTapper said...

Hey V.. omg, its been forever.. Just wanted to let you know that I visit Portland in early Nov. and man.. it was B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! I feel in love and I didnt want to come back to California.. haha..

I hope all is well with you and your journey!! Hope to hear from you soon! :)


V.K. said...

Tapper!! Woman, it is good to hear from you! And we switched places, can't believe it. If you're tired of California, why don't you come with me to Southeast Asia?!