Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Winter has been long, cold, wet, and dreary; in fact, it still is.*

My computer was in the shop for two weeks.**

I can't believe that people actually run the water while they brush their teeth.

* febrooary was peppered with sunshine, however.
** if not for that warranty coverage, it would have cost me $900 to replace the hard drive and logic board; ergo, I would not be typing this message right now from a computer at home. I would be using the one at work.

So now I'm going to whinge somewhere else for awhile.

**edited later that embarrassing. Who the hell wants to read about some bipolar chick's PMS tales of woe? god! Unless it's Sarah Silverman or whoever that is. That would be funny. Maybe I could be rich like Sarah if I asked her to do a comedy routine of my blog.