Tuesday, February 14, 2006

to your heart's content

Looked out the window this morning and what did I see?!

And just a half hour earlier I woke up seeing frost thinking to myself, 'huh. looks like the snow is passing us over this year.' Wah! We get one snow day a year. Maybe. And then, it does this:

Gets all sunny and/or melts straightaway. Oh wait, you can't see the sun yet, but trust me, it did come out and the drifts were no more...I even went for a bike ride in the afternoon sunshine it was so nice out. When I went walking in the snow I almost stuck out my tongue for a flake but then I thought about all the nasty things in the air/water/atmosphere and thought better of it...

That lovely clear roof you are seeing is hand crafted by my friend Jax. She's such a whiz. And my bikes are saved from being weatherbeaten (sogged out).

Did some fun artwork today, to be mailed out by Feb 25th for an ATC swap, check these out:

Really, I gotta learn how to hold the camera straight-on. I haven't a scanner. All my pics give me vertigo until I crop 'em and even then they're kinda skeewampus. But hee hee, these amuse me. I wish that the color variations came through better...if you do a watercolor wash and then sprinkle salt on it while it's still wet, after it dries these really cool patterns set in.

Oh, Happy V Day and all that...I keep forgetting. It's purty low-key around here.

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