Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I got the fever

Well I found my way out of the rabbit-hole but I can't wait to go back. It's a little world filled with ATCs: Artist Trading Cards. I just made my very firsts and sent them off to a gal in Carlsbad. You can view her webby here.

And I'm putting up a new album over on Yahoo!, which you can have a gander at here! I made several more this evening but they are drying and awaiting photos. Oooh what fun.

I'm sure there is a more user-friendly or stylie environment than Yahoo...maybe Flickr. I'll save that project for another day.

Now have you ever seen such a thing as this:

Get down widdit! Hedgehogs do this thing called self-anointing whenever they, uh, feel the need to. No one really knows why, except that if they smell something new they do it, probably as a form of self-protection. I saw a better one in a book, in which the hedgie was foaming at the mouth and a very very long tongue was protruding from its very very tiny mouth. They are among the very select few animals who can safely lick poison toads. All hail to hedgehogs.


meomeo said...

actually, I thought kiyotei is a guy?? Have you sent to Laura Dunn's call yet?

Oh, and


(me with my clown nose on)

"un bel di"

Dawn Amato

V.K. said...

oh! too funny...wonder why I used a femininely gendered pronoun anyways?? Thanks for the tip on the other call too and thanks for the welcome and for posting a comment. Nice clown nose.

kiyotei said...

I'm a guy?????