Tuesday, January 03, 2006


oy! and oy!

Welcome to me and welcome to you. This is my new little patch of cyber-something. To go along with my new computer, an iMac. A mighty powerful Grande Dame is she. I've been loping along on a Mac Wallstreet G3 (that's a laptop for the uninitiated) for quite some time now, and a beige tower before that. It's a little startling jumping into hyper-drive; I hope I remember my merging skills. I've been telling friends, colleagues and countrypeople (attempting pc-ness can just sound so clunky sometimes) that I've gone and bought a Ferrari - now can I afford the insurance? I'm trying out DSL in a few days. I'm sure to be spoilt rot.

I've changed to trebuchet font. This is what I call a time-delayed synchronicity, but it still definitely qualifies because until about three weeks ago, I'd never heard of the word. Or used the font. Or was even aware that there was such a thing. My friend Jax is now working with a wordcrafty bloke who's named his company after the font. Oh yes he loved it that much. Actually it either means bird trap or assay-balance...or, a catapult, depending upon who you consult (that last one is the definition he prefers). If there are any other defintions out there, do let me know. And if you need a good rock-launcher, I'll put you in touch with my friend. We can all go defend the castle together. (and, since good things usually come in threes...the third synch to this little story happened when in a recent - to me since I've just come into it - episode of LOST, Locke introduces Boon to his very own hand-built trebuchet. my jaw hanged agape)

Verdana looks alarmingly like Trebuchet, at least in my window. Maybe they are kissing cousins or maternal twins who needed their own identities. All right you both have roundedness but Verdana, since you are one minute three seconds older, you are the girthier.

I am still reeling from all the bells and whistles, so please bear with me while I drool over what has been to my plebian existance heretofore unknown willy wonka delights, like italics and bold options. Lappy, she's a fine lass, and we love her so, but her interfacing skills are of the dinosaur age.

I've launched a sister blog for a Mail Art call. It's all pretty new to me, we'll see what happens. If nothing else, I use a few of my thousand faces and mail myself some cool stuff.

a bientot

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